Sales tracking for live chat

This sales tracking is for chatbot and live chat. Tracking related to product guides can be found under the Product guides tab.

In order to track sales and add-to-cart events on products that have been recommended in the chat you need to set up your website to send purchase and add-to-cart events to the Ebbot script.

First, you need to add a row of code to the Ebbot script in order to activate the tracking. The following script is the ebbot script with an added row: tracking: true. Don't replace your current script with the one below as it's missing your botId and setting for storage on ovh.

  window.Ebbot = {
   botId: '<BOT ID>',
    ovh: true / false,
    tracking: true,
   <script>!function(t){var e="init-js-widget";if(!t.getElementById(e)){var i=t.createElement("script");,i.src=""+Math.random(),t.querySelector("body").appendChild(i)}}(document);</script>

These are the available event types: 'ecom-atc' | 'ecom-purchase' | 'ecom-visit'

The type looks like this:

type EventType = 'ecom-atc' | 'ecom-purchase' | 'ecom-visit';
export type EventItem = {
  id: string;
  groupId?: string;
  quantity?: number;
  value: number | string;
export type Event<T extends EventType = EventType> = {
  type: T;
} & (T extends 'ecom-atc'
  ? {
      type: 'ecom-atc';
      items: EventItem | EventItem[];
      currency: string;
  : T extends 'ecom-visit'
  ? {
      type: 'ecom-visit';
      items: EventItem | EventItem[];
  : T extends 'ecom-purchase'
  ? {
      type: 'ecom-purchase';
      items: EventItem[];
      currency: string;
  : never);

Once that has been added on your end you can use the following to push the events to the ebbot script:

window.eb_tr.push({type: '<TYPE YOU WANT>', items: [...<LIST OF PRODUCTS>], currency: '<CURRENCY, not required for 'ecom-visit'>'})

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