Quick Replies

Quick Replies are perfectly written phrases that you can use over and over again to communicate efficiently with your customers.

Using Quick Replies

In a conversation, you reach the Quick Replies by clicking the menu to the left of your input field. When you have clicked on Quick Replies you will see all Quick replies that are for you to use. Choose one, and press send if you would like to use it.

Of course there are some short cuts. You can reach the Quick Replies view by writing /qr in the input field followed by enter. You can also send one specific quick reply if you know its shortcut, i.e. /hello or /sec.

Creating Quick Replies

As a chat agent you can create your own quick replies under Settings > Quick Replies. These are for you to use only.

Just click New in the upper right corner to create your first quick reply. Make sure to select a name that makes sense for you and choose a shortcut that you can remember! Click save and fire away those quick replies (without losing your personal touch) when chatting with your customers.

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