Button card

The button card can be used to link to another scenario, an URL or to assign a value to a variable. The conversation will be paused once a button card is active and will continue when the user has clicked on any button.

If you have the button card in the middle the remaining cards will be played except if the user clicks on a button thats leads to another scenario or a state. Then the remaining cards in the previous scenario will be discarded.

You can always discard the remaining cards on a button click regardless of the type if you pass the stop property.






Stop the remaining cards to be played. Default value: false

Example usage of stop property

		"id": "83879772-8d38-4a5c-9204-67fc9a7e0865",
		"name": "state_1613156908482",
		"component": "ebbot_url",
		"properties": {
			"description": "Favorite color",
			"stop": true,
			"buttons": [
					"label": "green",
					"type": "variable",
					"name": "color",
					"value": "green"

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