Your GPT configuration includes various settings for your GPT-bot, such as the model to use and its persona.


Your GPT persona is a way to give your bot instructions on who it is and how it should behave.

  • Bot's name and purpose

  • Your organisation's name and a short description

  • How the bot should write its answer

  • Specific behaviour: "If asked about X answer Y"


This setting will prompt the bot to speak a specific language. Same as bot - The language set when the bot was created Same as user - The bot imitates the language of the user Custom language - Manually set a language

Data set

Select what data set the bot should use as a source for it answer

Search definitions (advanced)

Create a custom setup for how the Embedder should find sources. For most use cases the default setting is good enough.

Conversation filter - Set if the user's or assistant's message should be used when searching for sources.

Number of messages in search - Specify the number of messages from the chat history that should be used to search for sources. When a user asks a question across multiple messages, ensure this setting is set to 2 or more.

Numer of sources that the gpt will read - How many sources should be retrieved based on the conversation filter och number of messages in search settings.

Enable retrieve and rerank (Not recommended) - Reorganise the sources to achieve improved accuracy.

GPT model

Ebbot GPT - Select if you want to use one of Ebbot's Models hosted on EU servers by EU companies and fine tuned for customer service.

OpenAI GPT (Azure) - Use OpenAI's model hosted through Microsoft Azure.

GPT model versions

We regularly release new models versions that are smarter, faster, cheaper, or include new functionality. Typically, the latest model is the best one to use.

EbbotGPT 0.6.4 (Newest)

EbbotGPT 0.5.6


Number of messages in GPT memory - How many messages in the chat history should the GPT model use as a basis for its answer. Changing the following settings usually has a minimal impact on the bot's answers. While adjustments can positively affect specific questions, they might negatively impact others. Use with caution.

Temperature - Recommended setting 0.1

Top P - Recommended setting 0.1

Typ P - Recommended setting 0.5

Top K - Recommeded setting 40

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