Training center

In training center, you will teach Ebbot between right and wrong. All conversation phrases where Ebbot can’t match against a scenario, or isn’t confident enough to do so, will end up here. A good practice would be checking in here once in a while, and more often in the beginning, so that Ebbot can learn from you.

Matched and unmatched scenarios

There are two types of rows on this page:

Phrases that Ebbot could not match against a scenario

In this case you either need to assign a phrase to an existing scenario, or create a new one. You do this by first marking the row by clicking on it, and then selecting the scenario you would like to associate with the phrase. Afterwards, you need to confirm the training by clicking on the green heart.

Phrases that Ebbot could match against a scenario but without the confidence level needed

In this scenario you need to confirm the scenario match. After confirming a phrase against a scenario Ebbot will be more confident the next time a similar phrase shows up.

Import training phrases

You can easily import previous conversation logs as training phrases. If you’ve previously had a traditional chat with logs then this is a good solution. We accept simple .txt with one sentence per row.

Import phrases by clicking on the upload icon and then uplaod the phrases.

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