Select a trigger

Now it's time to choose a trigger. A trigger is an instruction for the bot so it knows when to play out the scenario. The most common way to trigger a scenario is by using the NLP trigger. NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. When using this trigger you will train the bot to understand the intent in a sentence by providing a bunch of variations meaning the same thing. If you can give around 10-15 variations then the bot will have a good understanding and the chances are really high that it will detect similar phrases from your users.

We will only use the NLP trigger in this tutorial. See the triggers page for full reference

Since we are creating a scenario that should cover questions related to favorite color we will add the following phrases to the NLP trigger. In our example we're only giving 5 phrases but try to reach above 15 NLP phrases on your production bots.

What is your favorite color
I would like to know your favorite color
Tell me your favorite color
Do you have a favorite color
Whats your favorite color

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