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Read about the technical details and practical implications of Ebbot's models.

GPT models

0.6.4 - 5/2024

This model is our best so far for all use cases over our older models. Here are som general information about the model's abilities and limitations.

Intelligence āœ… Math: Proficient in math (GenAI is generally not great for precise calculations) āœ…/šŸŸ” Data tables: - Comprehension: Generally good, depends on table's complexity. - Sending tables: Good, can create new columns and tables and send them in chat. šŸŸ” Language switch: Doesn't always switch language - depends on welcome message. šŸŸ” Talking out of context: Model sometimes talk about things not in the sources - depends on persona.

Hallucinations šŸŸ” Links, emails, phone numbers: It sometimes generate fake links, emails, phone numbers - depends on persona.

Effective texts in persona āœ… Listing information in lists with bullet points. āœ… Asking follow up questions. āœ… Asking if user wants to speak with a human agent. āœ…/šŸŸ” Talking with a specific tonality - depends on tonality.

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