Message body

Messages sent with the REST API are divided into one or more SMSs. The message body, which is represented by the Text parameter, is encoded using UTF-8. When only GSM characters1 are used the maximum size of a single SMS is 160 characters. For longer messages the API will automatically split the text into multiple SMSs, each with a maximum of 153 characters. When characters not represented in the GSM 03.38 are used, the message body will be encoded using UCS-2 (UTF-16 Big Endian) and the maximum size of each SMS is 70 characters. The API will split the message into several SMSs of maximum 67 characters.

A long message split into multiple SMSs are automatically interlaced on the receiving device and shown as one message.

Phone number formats

All phone numbers should be given in international format, see E.164 and NANP. MSISDNs (phone numbers) should start with +, e.g. +46707659443. If part of an URI the + shall be omitted, e.g. 46707659443.

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