EbbotGPT is more than just a language model. This page describes what makes up EbbotGPT and how each part works together to give the users great responses in real time, whether they are visitors on your website, Slack workspace members, Teams users or otherwise.

EbbotGPT largely consists of:

  • GPT model

  • Scraper and APIs for creating knowledge

  • Embedder

What makes EbbotGPT unique is that its built to serve the company it is working at, meaning it is trained to emphasizes company-specific responses. In ebbot app you will find tools to collect knowledge about your company, effectively providing the model with collective knowledge about your company. This makes EbbotGPT great at customer service, internal support, processes and routines, user guidance, etc.

It lets you combine multiple sources of data into data sets, which can then be paired with a "persona" to create configs that can be changed throughout a conversation, to cater for different users' needs.

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