Create app with Sites.FullControl.All permission in Azure

Here are the steps to create your own app with the Sites.FullControl.All permission:

  1. Visit the Azure portal.

  2. Navigate to 'Azure Active Directory', and choose 'App registrations'.

  3. Press 'New registration' to begin creating your new app.

  4. Provide a suitable name for your application.

  5. In the 'Redirect URI (optional)' field, select 'Web' from the dropdown and input the URL where your app will be hosted.

  6. Click 'Register' to create your application.

  7. Once the app is created, go to 'API permissions' from the left sidebar.

  8. Press 'Add a permission', and choose 'Sites' from the 'Request API permissions' section.

  9. Under 'Application permissions', check 'Sites.FullControl.All'.

  10. Finish by clicking 'Add permissions'.

Now, you have successfully created an app with the 'Sites.FullControl.All' permission.

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